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Full text of "Jewish-Khazar Generation of Anti-Jewish (Anti-Semitic) Propaganda"

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Example - 1939: "Nazi published plan to annihilate six million Jews" 

winstonsmith on August 1, 2011 — 

"Scarcely two months before Hitler's aggression against Poland, Herr [Mr.] Hans 
Ziegler, a ranking official in the Propaganda Ministry, emphasized, according to a 
dispatch by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, in his (sic) book entitled "Juden und der 
Weltkrieg, " that 'one of the worth-while results of the coming world war would be the 
annihilation of the six million Jews in East and Central Europe'. " 

- Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume 2, July/August 1939 

[Editor's Note - Jews in East and Central Europe are Talmudic Khazars, not biblical Israelites (nor are they 

Semites). Also, there were 3.2 million such "Jews" in Europe - not 6 million. The number "six million" appears to 
originate in Talmudic gematria, or mysticism of numbers.] 


JUBu^mimmt v 

Germany. But the tragedy which has overtaken the mil lions of people in the 
war zone as well at the 3 t 500,000 Jews in Poland and the 800,000 Jew* in 
Germany and her pcwesaioni i% lufticirmly utcat to defy the imagination and 
stir the deep sympathy of those who mtill believe in mercy, justice and the 
protection of the weak. 

Scarcely two tnottthd beiure Hitler'* a£j>res»k>o agaiiast PuLuhl, Hat 
Hans Zieglcr, a. ranking official in the Propaganda Ministry, emphasized, 
according to a dispatch by the Jewish Telegraph^ Agency, in hii book entitled 
J* Jen und dew $VtUkFug t that one of the worth-while results of the coming 
world war would be the annihilation of the fix million Jews in East and 
Central Europe. Other warnings of the same dire character hare been ut- 

Contemporary Jewish Record - July / August 1939 (Published by the American Jewish Committee) 

Contemporary Jewish Record, Volume 2, July/ August 1939 

This is the third , but earliest appearance I've now found of 

this article. 

It also appears [later] in the: 



IT U M yet toe euirly loday lo com- 
■.^.■t..-.:;< I-..-. -Ml! .--Xlr-l! ■■ '. \*l<- tr.-.g- 
edy whit* hu overtaken the 

It is "new nUII limited to four «un- 
Irles. The extent of Its possible 
spread J9 not e* v« imawri. Bui the 
tragedy which hu overtaken, the mll- 
lloni of people In the war ione a* 
well U the S.soa.000 Jews in Poland 
and the 600.0CO Jews in Germany and 
her possessions la sufllclenlly grout to 
defy th* inmllrnttotl ani sUr the 
deep sympathy of those who SU1I be- 

wtt Hue make* ncn«gr)i n0«' 4itd Ihon ffce *iim»«r(!lriff o| itlial ac- 
iunlly hoi fdfcen place during a jlwm period. JJp special ammpr- 
mm-M «4I* fM effort If t*# CoHtemporar)/ JmrfsJi Ettard, ami rlils 
mayaiiiii ice bring rjox (Alt liffielj* rcJU"ic el JsKieh wrU rifFiJa. 


lleve In ictpi)', junitt and the pro- eordinB to n fliepnteh by the Jewish 

lection of the weak. Tclc K n.phlc Agency. In his book rn.- 

SMPt*ly two months before Hitler's titled "Juden und der Weltkittg," 

aggression mil nut Poland, Hen- Htnl thai One of tho worth- while results of 

Zlegler. a ranking ofllctal In the Pro- the coming world 
pagand* Ministry, emphasised, *<:• 

October 13, im 

By T'hsc Edlloni OE 

Contemporary Jewish Record 

E-isl and Hen Ira I Europe. Other 

Today. Iwo-lhlrds ot the Jewish 

population in Poland Is Under Nazi 
occupation. Even tlic Infrequent dli- 

el Of the all million i 


has lh» light combination c-f 


Right Co!hbl 

.... *— * DAD AiniM. 


Oh ester-field blends the Rig/it ComhitiatitM of 
the finest American and Turkish tohaccos lo 
give you a milder, belter-tasting smoke with a 
more pleasing aroma ■ . < 
And wlicn you try (hem you'll find thai ibese arc the 

quallltcsCliciIi-rftld b;i> ubnvc .ill nihers in #ivi!i| you 
Were Smotiag PUmurt. THEY SA TiSFY. 



The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh) Oct 13, 1939 

Urn of NW ba 

em m eiu«ns 

ondly. u Jews. ' 
nrnchlnory H fe>- 
effort to drive a 

Ml policy, purn 

tloi commenced, 
tempt) to com 

Nail sjrgitssOT. 

e the twofold vie- 

ilcs. In line with IU 
ed Before the hoi 111- ■ 
Xazl propaganda it- 

he Jew and 

mlnly fi 


i porlr»y the Pe- 
ri order 10 justify 
woman reunauon and goad the Ger- 
man soldiers and civilian popMUUoe. 
to more frightful acts. Freemen! 
W-nibardments of Polish town) tan 
been directed in many eases at th4 
Jewish quartets. Polish Jews knew 
IHU their very existence !» at stall. 
In Oils war. for tho pari of Poland: 
occupied by tho Nazis, there may be 
a puppet government, SlowaK style. 
pending a change In fortune. For 
Jews Ihor* Is but death, cxilo and per- 
seeutloji. Nor li there any escape for 
them. If the pattern eslabltafcen BJ 
the U.S..S.R. will oe followed In On 
region* occupied by the RuMlsn 
forces. Jews In these local! Ilea will 
face persecution far their religion-, 
beliefs, aionlsl activities and demo- 
c ratio lympatblDI. 

A.1 was not the com In the last 
war. In which tho Jews of Germany 
Mied Blood for the glory of the grale- 
iuI ■Vaterland," Ihcy ate held there 
today ai hostages to become (gain 
" t scapegoiu tn the ei-ent of the 


The problem Of PultsUne has Bt 
iKifround of Hie rr 

Ot was dclermLned U put 
I the measures outlined in 
I Pnper, and lo brealt the 
I of the Jewish community. 

ISiiiftleraUon Into Palestine 


t of the Lea- 
ont Mandate' 

low of whose mrrm 

r. declared the While I'ape: 
an unmlitakable vLolntloti of the 
larmi Of the Mandate. In the mean- 
Urr.e, nlle..tlo.-i was shifted tn 
where Uie Twenty- First Btennlal 
World y.iunlst Conirresri was opened 

The CongTus met under the threat- 

■d ns usual, and II 

major dlfferenc** e 

the British poiiey. while 

opposed to any compromise tn P*l«' 

line at the expenie ot Jewish rieht". 

(Coniinucd on page 2C) 



mnl Ci'miiinl Kuri-tT. iKIn' 

niiuilh.' Wurlil mi.r m .iiiM lu- 
ll,. -i\ null,.., J ,, i:.,.t 

I ub-le thai I 

f .if S.,i l,„ir 

of IMkihI. s 


111 iin i-ffiiri 1 
■ Nil lilt- I'.p I 

ned Wan 

l»n|.i.|ni,lii i 
IhK-ir aan I 

IB M l.„ 

....llUWrtTby N.,u 
inn* Tur i ln L - past Mrvrml 

iff Hu- Ji-wi-ili popuhlkui 

Eron II..- ttrir Ikuvl 1b- 

*.-.. '!■ tw..|.,|,| vi,|il„ 

■ inliT In jiittifv 
iiliI ilu. trerB«ii 

ii 1- im -, rri-faii i 

i|narli-r». J'.-l >ti I<-w> k>r* thai ilu4r rcri' 
ruistrtlrr i. at ilaLr in li i. » .r l'u 'li.' |i|.rl 
i.f rnluiid. im.ti|>hi! by llie \iiii... Own! riuiy !■■ 
h puprn-l: pii-rriinn-nt, Slnvulc .|_vlc, priKliiitf n 
i > *:-■ ■■■ Httawkt. F«r J.-bo t)n-rf L-. full ilintlu 

Thtme f"' f"" fniuttJu are mnrmnbtt twin in l/u 114 

nxHMMitory. But ibm ofwtnnt eta ,« ■.(,,.-, ," 

jMTfi-*-* iinrin.jrii turn a*d linn thr mmnmrtztnttifirhut >i.-i 
lin* fewfaw rdoM ■J'irh. : i ,: five* :«-ti—i. &/, <p, ful tirnn ¥n 

n-i'lli Ikf -'i •<■ r.-i "f i If ■ '•<<■•! i -rufr- Mr:/ ■t,-i-i-,h nVf-rirr,, STJrc Si 
em hrmrtiu i>r<nL- (!<>•• wli I'm-hl rtwfrmi rtj ifwrJufi , 

« he <ni<li'rt;iU-M atf , 

Wliili H.. *\wm - 

■J) m ■"' * 

lrl - '.' m,ii>.i.„I I. . 

Fwlrslinr hI ith wttitlt* 

KmiJiHi, uii, bill l.i 
luitllri' u| Hi,- |.i.-. ,1 

Im-Ii 1 uiili 1 1 ■-■- ill t 

■rid) Ihor, of [l„. .1 

. UwaWh TIh- 1'....ij..-.. »,!j ■ rtl II. ■ -■■ I 

I4....I r.# Maenv |isirtir-i -Iri.i.. |>.,l..r..l I ..I .. 

t tries mm stnuulnl, I'L- --^i..,,. ..Ml., 

y ur^' In-Ill ABT*py wen., Inrlrfliitli Iv rmrtu i.,-l I 

'"tot* i' wt», ■■■" ,i - hi .,i ii.,.ii(iit,-, 

In- m-siR. Tl.,. «„r is likilv I. altWl iin^.-uii, 

,|, ..I ,|.. t. -I,,., if tin -l.',M \ 11 ii 


i.-,il HHIun, 
.III,. II,, ,„l. 

I I'lll., 1:,.,' I 

Ike, Wodd look* On 

Beii'wid The Scenes 01 World Confusion 
Lies An Explanation For A Hoirilied riurnanibr 



i, i 

41ili*l ililil "llur Pi-lnnii-. -U-r-- «vri- liifirlim^l 

I'.v ill,, inglilu-Hl-h l. , -' ilk' It'll wi .if I III' Ij'iimir ill 

\ ! ,.l.,*« l',n Mn,,l ; ,l.-. «" i-„*. 

Ix-uinii in I'iiLr-iiiii' 

f I" wsu III. (i-l .t,.[, ill I ho inn M(i|Jf« I'- 
ll., ill- Tin-. ri'iMlU ll«> i^|« «ii -mw. illlrilij.' Hi. 

I=i.i ww. InfundU Ifailiali ptiNit n/m 

unnil i. ni.>li-ii':,liiui <•? li.ivi rnninil |J"'ll' '.> 
■ tlio iiI.iihUiii,, Ht llf Tl„ fill 


M-,1, . 


- fhifu- 

.. . m,-imi, 
«|niiri| hi ,\uj[in( IU. 

'Hu- CaBfjrnu nil t ini'lir Mm- fliri'alcllillu 
etoudsi ,4 ph. n rfmmsianc* nl'.ii'h iiiHin-mi-il 
Tuilli tin- iinamlur.. i,ml ll.e It nor ..I lln ...llin-w. 
ii.l dlscuasioet* Itv.iiw hI tin' rlnirui-iH-J,' 
niluali.m ill Ziiini-iii, .l.vli.iii- ",■!!■ Ji"l i»l-l L" 
a iiuuiIkt .,f ciiiililrii-,, Hm lu'wr hmu|> W« 
si n inuflv r».|ir,'-t'in.'.| »~ n-iial, und its rtialHnm 

with Om I,i»th1 Gtwral Zi«.ii.-n iGtcmp ii 

■dill ilnininmi-l in., srwiu ill K|ntii iif minur iliv- 
s«m-ineiil-. Th major ilmY-wnn-i wliir-li Itiiii- 
mtikI.^I all >;riHi|i lini — r«utv.i1 nbmil lh>- tyiv 

t'lo.'full ol,..',;,,.,' 1 k 

TIl.- rrfugrc nrnlikta ns 

iM.t vt, vntn Im- ,m.,I> - 
• luilicr, Miiiij !*, li-i 

I llml 

. tr 

, r 1M. 

il i.Hil . xtiled " U 

t-IU- II |i|H,l,',l.-|.l-. 

r uihI n ,n-l. s - hi i 
.|t.-t[i|>W,i""l„" H,., inn. tliiiisarj-. RwMllii 
[.,|li,l,.iiia iinil Latvii.. In nw ('Jm™ I'-'h^" 
un. knjil duL Tin. n;it -itin.-i.-i B« ( '" 
nm.l,- d ,iii|„, (or lewa I" le«W i «■!■"' : "' 
.Mil- J.,. foil ilii-ii mill iv. in. -ii b»Vt ■■".■..■ ■ 
■ in tin- isr-tiiV"-. L1..T I..HlJili.,"- '" ti--- 
otlitf work. ,W«Mf Jur» tVJHrdd fi 

*v THE B0L'T11EB.S I 

The Jewish Criterion (Pittsburgh) [left] October 13, 1939 here 

The Southern Israelite (Georgia) [right] November 28, 1939 here 

I believe the Hans Ziegler mentioned in the article is Dr. Hans Severus Ziegler , arrowed in the above photos. 

He (Ziegler) was involved in the 

"Degenerate Music exhibition" in 

Dusseldorfin 1938. 

In fact his name appears on this 
infamous poster: 

[The poster coincidentally correctly 

credits African Israelites for their 

outstanding varied contributions to 

modern music - "degenerate" or not.] 

This is his wikipedia page (in German). 

The German National Library List lists 23 

articles by, or about Dr. Hans Severus 


[but] a book entitled Juden und der 

Weltkrieg (Jews and the World War) is 

not amongst them . 

Link - Deutsche National Bibliothek 


ftHl A. fhtilhihtr 


There is [however] a book called Die Juden und der Weltkrieg (The Jews and the World War), which was written in 1916 by a 
German named Felix A. Theilhaber [not by Zeigler], who served as a doctor in the German army during World War I. 

Theilhaber also wrote Judische Flieger im Kriege (Jewish Flyers in the War) in 1918, in which he gave accounts of over one hundred 
Jewish soldiers who flew for Germany. Theilhader writings were in the defense of Jews, to counter accusations that Jews had been 

a traitorous element in Germany during World War I. 

Theilhader was the founder and chairman of Gesex (The Society of Sexual Reform). For his involvement with this group, he and fifty 

other physicians were arrested by the Gestapo in May 1933. After his release two months later, he emigrated to Palestine, where he 

co-founded the Maccabi Health Care Service. He died in 1956 in Tel Aviv. Links - source - source - source 


Dr. Hans Severus Ziegler never wrote a book called Juden und der Weltkrieg, 

about a new World War and the annihilation of 6,000,000 Jews. [It was actually written in 

1916 by a German named Felix A. Theilhaber (a Jew?), who moved to Israel.] 

The author of the article [about the "Nazi annihilation plan"], 
which appeared in at least three Jewish publications, lied. 

[This fabrication, like many many others, entered the media "echo chamber", and was repeated again and again as "fact". These 
fabricated "facts", retrospectively become erroneous "historical record." This is a typical example of how Khazar anti-German 
propaganda, Russian anti-German propaganda, and Holocaust mythology propaganda were repeated unquestioned, until eventually 
becaming regarded as being true.] 

All editors remarks are in brackets []. 


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